Type:  Cyclocross Race-30/50 minute and kids

Location: Available at Bogstomp website.

Date: Early December

Course: A flat 5 minute loop starts on a fire road and then winds through the woods and over some roots.  After the woods the trail pops back out onto rocky double track and crosses to the east die of the property where it dives back into the trees.  The trail continues through the forest and makes a steep drop into a corner and then abruptly the trail lurches back up to its previous level.  Most people struggle with this 5 foot steep climb, but it is a great spot for spectators.  The course then crosses over the road and back onto the road again before turning back towards the finish at the Barn.  During the race, riders race through the barn and down a 1 foot drop at the back of the barn where they turn back towards the front of the barn before returning to the gravel road.  

Description:  The Bogstomp race is quintessential Humboldt.  A miss-match of cross bikes, expensive trail bikes, miniature penny farthings, and touring bikes are not at all uncommon at a typical Bogstomp. The "run what you brung" mentality is strong here and the results are mixed.  Sometimes a specked out cross country race machine wins the race and other times its a college student on a cross bike that was thrown together last minute.