Trail Maps & Information

Our corner of Northern California offers a multitude of riding options, and we are working hard every day to bring more to the table. For now, check out the trail maps and links to some of the amazing riding available now. You just have to pedal out that door.

Hatchery Ridge Trail System

This is the true gem of RCMBA’s work to bring more trails to our area. Located in beautiful, sunny Blue Lake, California, this trail system hosts some of the funnest, gnarliest, loamiest trails we have to offer. You must be a member of RCMBA to ride these trails. Please do adhere to our land use agreement with Green Diamond Resource Company so that we can continue to grow our relationship with GDRC and hence grow our riding opportunities.

Hatchery Ridge Trail System Map 

Arcata/Sunny Brae Community Forests

The Arcata and Sunny Brae Community Forests offer some grueling climbs and fun and fast descents. Due to the popular shared use of all the trails in these systems, we do recommend that riders shout with joy while descending or wear a bell to let hikers know you’re coming. Please share the trails responsibly.

Arcata Community Forest Website

Arcata Community Forest Map

Arcata Ridge Trail Map

Sunny Brae Community Forest Map

Lacks Creek Management Area Trails

While it is a little bit of a drive, Lacks Creek Management Area offers higher elevation and well-draining rocky, loamy, and loose soils. There’s literally a trail for everyone here. If you want a beginner flow trail, Lacks has that. If you want fast, steep, rocky descents, Lacks has that. If you want a flowy jump run, Lacks has that. In addition to all of that, Lacks also hosts primitive camping. So come camp for the weekend, relax, get eaten by a few mosquitoes, and have a biking adventure.

BLM Lacks Creek Website

Lacks Creek Management Area Map

Paradise Royale

Paradise Royale is repeatedly listed in the top 30 best trails in California. While it is a bit of a drive down a very windy paved road and then a rough gravel road, you will not be disappointed. This trail comes with a grueling climb, but a fun, fast, flowy descent that seems to go on forever, though that might be delirium from the climb talking. Add a little spice to it by adding an out and back on the Paradise Rim Trail. Best yet, camp at the Tolken Campground and enjoy the terrain park hosting wall rides, table top and gap jumps, skinnies, and a variety of other obstacles to improve your skills. Nearby Shelter Cove hosts a fantastic brewery, vacation rentals, and breathtaking views of the ocean. Coming hopefully sooner than later will be a trail that flows from Kings Peak all the way into Shelter Cove (a nearly 4,000 foot descent) making this yet another mountain biker’s paradise.

BLM Paradise Royale Website