Green Diamond Resource Company


RCMBA started discussions with Green Diamond Resource Company (GDRC) in 2015 with the intent to provide more local riding access to the public. Over the course of three years, RCMBA was able to formulate an agreement with GDRC that allows RCMBA members and accompanied member guests to build and ride trails on GDRC’s property near the entrance to the hatchery in Blue Lake, CA (known as Hatchery Ridge). Because GDRC is a major landowner in our region, RCMBA hopes that this newly formed agreement will just be the beginning of a blossoming relationship with GDRC where we can provide a multitude of riding options for all members. However, the maintenance and future expansion of this agreement depends on the behavior and actions of each individual member not only on the trails in Blue Lake, but on all trails throughout our great region. This agreement is fragile and can be revoked at any point if GDRC decides to do so. All members are to read this agreement for Hatchery Ridge and be familiar with the rules and regulations provided by this agreement with GDRC (click here to read this agreement in full).


Below is a summary of RCMBA’s Hatchery Ridge Trail Agreement with GDRC. We ask that all members please follow these rules so that we can continue to grow a fantastic relationship with GDRC and provide more legal access to other trails within the expansive landholdings of GDRC. Remember that it only takes the adverse actions of one member to ruin it for all members.

  • GDRC reserves the right to revoke the Hatchery Ridge Trail System agreement at any time for any reason. In revocation of the RCMBA agreement, RCMBA and all members are to cease the use of Hatchery Ridge Trail System immediately.

  • RCMBA shall not object to any lawfully conducted timber harvest, management activities, and/or development of property carried out by GDRC or its agents/contractors.

  • All trails shall be built to the “Construction Guidelines” published by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) as set forth in its manual entitled “Trail Solutions.” RCMBA shall not cut or damage live trees in the construction of trails. No endangered species are to be harmed by the trails being built. No new trails shall be constructed on Hatchery Ridge without prior written consent by GDRC.

  • RCMBA is to maintain all trails.

  • RCMBA assumes all risk and liability of injury or death to individuals using Hatchery Ridge Trail System. RCMBA shall defend GDRC from any legal action brought by any person making a claim against GDRC for that person’s use of the Hatchery Ridge Trail System.

  • RCMBA and its members shall not bring onto Hatchery Ridge any flammable or explosive materials, including but not limited to any kerosene, gasoline, propane or other similar substances. Gasoline in the amounts of two gallons or less is allowed on site for trail construction and maintenance. Each RCMBA work crew shall have a fire extinguisher on site at all times.

  • RCMBA is to maintain commercial general liability insurance naming GDRC as an additional insured.


In addition to the rules of our agreement with GDRC, we ask that our members use common courtesy when accessing the Hatchery Ridge Trail System and conducting themselves elsewhere.

  • Pack out all trash.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL. GDRC does not allow alcohol on their property.

  • No E-bikes allowed on Hatchery Ridge Trail System

  • Be safe. Wear proper safety gear, most importantly a helmet.

  • Treat all GDRC agents/contractors with respect and courtesy. They have a right to their private property and the use of that property. RCMBA and its members are guests on the Hatchery Ridge Trail System. If you are asked to vacate an area for any reason, please follow directions.

  • Our agreement only covers the Hatchery Ridge Trail System in Blue Lake for now. Building and accessing trails on other GDRC property is currently prohibited by law and GDRC has the right to enforce their private property rights. By knowingly trespassing on un-permitted riding areas and/or conducting illegal building, realize that you are exposing yourself to prosecution, endangering the years of work that have been invested in legal partnerships, and potentially sabotaging future opportunities.

  • The trail plan which was agreed upon by RCMBA and GDRC can be added to and modified but must be run through RCMBA administration and signed off by GDRC. Please consult with an RCMBA Board member before creating any additional routes. Board members can be reached at

We are constantly working to increase the availability of riding options in our area. We will be working with other landowners and municipalities to create new agreements for more trails in the near future. If you are a landowner who would be interested in pursuing a trail agreement with RCMBA, please contact us at We are looking for open timber lands, cattle lands, farms, etc. We need sizable acreage within a reasonable traveling distance from a town or city.

Future Plans