The Tour of the Unknown Coast, forks of the salmon, and many other epic rides exist within Humboldt County.  Many of Humboldt counties roads end up turning into dirt at some point, but if you are looking for places to ride a skinny tire bike, you have come to the right spot.

West end road-brewery ride

West end road parallels the Mad River and highway 299 between Arcata and blue lake.  This ride is one of the easier rides in our repertoire but that doesn't mean that it should be left out.  Meandering peacefully through lush valleys with the turn around point being the Mad River Brewery, this is one of our favorite rides.


Climb up and over the hill into Fieldbrook on this ~25 mile loop with a wide open descent into Fieldbrook and smooth roads rolling down to the Mad River.  This Ride is quintisentialy Humboldt.

Tour of the Unknow coast-tuc

This 100 mile epic is a classic to Humboldt county with a wall about 70 miles in.