SUCCESS! New Addition To The Arcata Community Forest!

As we understand it, the FUNDING GAP IS CLOSED, Arcata has the funds to purchase the property. Thanks to everyone who donated. Although we don't know any of the details, we know our members made a difference and will continue to do so into the future.

RCMBA Members--Help Fund the Forsyth Addition to the Arcata Community Forest!

     Arcata is adding the 49-acre Forsyth Tract to the Community Forest but is facing a funding gap. Your RCMBA Board has unanimously voted to help by matching (up to $2500) donations by our club members.

     This addition has been a de facto part of the Community Forest for many years, hosting the Jump Trail (and other fun MTB routes), disc golf holes, hiking trails and the occasional logging operation. At this time the City plans to keep the Jump Trail, add new trail segments and make needed environmental improvements. Community input will be sought.

     You can invest in our community by going here to the Humboldt Area Foundation or by sending a check to the Environmental Services Department at 736 F Street, Arcata CA 95521. Either way please reference both the RCMBA and the Forsyth Tract so the club can keep track of, and match, your donations. Donations may be tax-deductble. Thanks!