Diamond Grinder 2018 Recap and Results

On August 11,  RCMBA and Revolution Bicycles hosted the Diamond Grinder, a timed gravel ride on Green Diamond Resource Company roads. 63 riders left from the Mad River Taproom and headed for that sweet gravel. The first 13 miles encompassed the timed portion of the ride and concluded at the first of two Mad River water crossings. The fastest time was had by Tommy Robinson (0:56.33.0) followed very closely by Hollie Ernest (0:56:34.9). The remaining podiums, Dead Middle awardees, and other places can be seen below. But just because the timed portion was over, didn't mean the ride was over. But before the riders pedaled away, there were snacks and drinks provided and stories to be told.

Once full, the realization that there was still 14 miles and big hills to go, people began to saddle up and head on their way back to the Taproom. It was hot (by us coastal heat weeny standards) but the pace was mellow and scenery good. After crossing the Mad River a second time, it was time to cruise down the road, put the bike away, grab some tasty food from the taco truck or a burger from the Taproom, and sip on that delicious Mad River beer.

In all, riders road 27 miles with 5,000 feet of climbing with smiles all around.

Big THANKS goes out to Gary Rynearson, of Green Diamond for granting access to their property for the ride and to Revolution's Andrew Spickerman, Justin Brown, and Sean Tetrault for this successful event! We can't wait for next year.